User Defined Components

DF_Drug_Attribute_Connector: This is a context free grammar parser which is extracted from Medex. It is used to connect medication to its possible attributes such as dose.
DF_Relation_connector_after_ruta: While connecting two named entities using Ruta is relatively easy, it can not be used to provide a name for that relationship. Advanced users can generate their own file and replace it with the system’s default file or edit the default file.

  1. To replace the default file:
    1. Double click on config.conf file to open it
    2. Click on the button with three dots to browse for your own file
    3. Click on the open button
      Replace the default file
      Replace the default file
  2. To edit the current dictionary file:
    1. Double click on the relationConnection.txt file to open it
    2. Add the terms that you want to include in the file
    3. Click the Save button at the top of the page
       add additional section headers to the current file
      Edit the current dictionary file